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Monday June 20th 2011   Dutch Evening; Tasting room ‘De Admiraal’ and
Tuesday June 21st  2011 Champagne Cruise and Conference Dinner

Monday June 20, 2011 

18.30 hours  

19.00 hours      

All guests gather on the square in front of the Beurs van Berlage cafe and when the group is complete you will be guided to De Admiraal.
Address de Admiraal: Herengracht 319, Phone: 020-6254334  

You will be welcomed at Tasting room ‘De Admiraal’, for a typical Dutch evening.
Dutch snacks, Dutch drinks and a typical Dutch accordion player for the Dutch entertainment. 

Tasting room "De Admiraal"
When you’re heading for the tasting room, you will soon experience its exclusiveness. While you enter walking underneath the figurehead of Admiral Nelson at the Herengracht, a new World opens. Amsterdam is full of surprises.


The hospitable, authentic and robust Admiraal, is settled in a former stable at the Herengracht 319, which became a distillery later on. Lots of stuff reminds you at the former distillery, such as the beautiful water pomp (so called ‘trouser’ pomp), which was used to cool the distillation vessel, during the distillation process. So do the tables and couches, which are made from used casks. The bar is made from old, oak sleepers; the kitchen is a half pot still.  At the wall you will find paintings of the Dutch painter van Piet van Wijngaerdt (1873-1964) and Mesdag.
Whoever wants to go to the toilet will enter a huge, oak barrel of 10.000 litres. The wooden beams are decorated with authentic cooper tools and in the back you will se an old Advocate mill and more pot stills.

Nowadays the products from A. van Wees distillery de Ooievaar are presented here. They’re the last real family distillery in the capital. In short, De Admiraal is a typical, representative destination in Amsterdam for those who love originality and prefer to taste its true flavours.

Tuesday June 21, 2011

18.30 hours 

19.00 hours

20.00 hours

22.30 hours
All guests gather on the square in front of the Beurs van Berlage cafe. When the group is complete you will be guided to the landing stage, this will be a 5 minutes walk.

Champagne Cruise. Boarding on the Canal Boats docked nearby the ‘Beurs van Berlage’.
Address: Oudekerksplein 23

The boats will arrive at the landing stage of the dinning location HEAT, where you will go ashore, to enjoy a marvelous 4-course conference dinner. 
Address: Jollemanhof 37. Phone: 020-6465158

One luxurious coach is waiting in front of HEAT aan 't IJ. This coach will bring the first guests back to the hotel. After the first shuttle he will come back for the other guests. The coach will shuttle two transfers.

Champagne Cruise through the canals of Amsterdam!                   

Amsterdam, the dazzling capital of The Netherlands. A city of culture and history. The Champagne Cruise will lead you along the hundred light frames of the Amsterdam canals. In the canal side houses life goes on. Aboard of a beautiful and authentic boat, time seems to have stopped in the midst of a culinary feast. You will enjoy a glass of Champenoise and indulging your eyes.
The Champagne Cruise is an unforgettable experience! It is a special canal tour where you will see the high lights of Amsterdam.