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Thurday morning, June 23, 2011
10.00  hours      

12.00 hours
Boarding on the Canal Boats docked nearby the ‘Beurs van Berlage’, next the Sint Nicolaaskerk – on the other side of the  NH Barbizon Palace Hotel

During the boat tour you will see all the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam guided by an English speaking guide.
On board we will serve you coffee/tea with cake.

End of the architectural tour


On board a professional architectural guide who will lead you along the New Metropolis, built by Renzo Piano to the KNSM-island. This former deserted area has recently been developed and is an interesting example of modern architecture and modern town planning. 

The guide would like to take you for a pleasant boat trip along the projects of architect Sjoerd Soeters, ‘new cross canals’, walk- and cycle bridges, one of Mien Ruys’ remaining parks, Hans Kollhoff and Christian Rapp’s award-winning Piraeus residential area and the Emerald Empire building by architect Jo Coenen.